I don’t want to be cliché, but quite literally everything. Because my fellow artists and I developed our skills in the nightclub and bar industry I would say we definitely specialize in upbeat dance parties. However, we also know that there is usually some decorum at weddings and we play an appropriate flow of music to fit the mood. Everybody at Look No Further Entertainment is a voracious music collector and so we’ve got a very solid grasp on anything from the last 50 years. Soul, funk, Motown, punk, disco, Top 40, indie, hip hop, electronica, and rock are all fundamental parts of our libraries (Plus, if we don’t have it we will acquire it).

We are very comfortable playing any genre or generation of music. Plus, we are talented enough to mix them all together in a seamless blend that keeps your audience dancing all night long! It doesn’t matter if your musical tastes are domestic or international, mainstream or underground Look No Further has you covered.

Can I pick my own music & send you a custom playlist?

Of course! Look No Further Entertainment provides all of our clients with access to our online music database. Currently, it contains over 100,000 songs that you can sort by artist, title, decade, event, etc. We want to get to know who you are “musically,” and the easiest way to do that is to tell us what music you love.


Yes, absolutely. If it has ever been recorded in the history of time we can probably track it down and we will acquire all music for you at no additional charge.

Can I veto any music or genres?

Absolutely. Everybody’s musical tastes are vastly different and your “don’t play” list is just as important to us as your “must play” list.”



Yay, we’re excited! Just shoot us an email so we can send you a price sheet and set up a meeting! Every wedding is as unique as the client so we like have a free consultation where we can discuss your personal musical vision and how we can make that a reality. Initial meetings only take about 20 minutes and are a great opportunity for us to meet, greet, and get to know you. We understand that Austin is a destination for weddings these days so if you're coming from out of state, we are happy to work with you remotely. If you're in Austin, we can meet in person or, if you prefer, we can always do the initial consultation over the phone or via Skype.

What time will you arrive before my event?

We will arrive 3 hours prior to the first guest arrival. When your first guest appears your DJ will be ready to go and your music will be playing.

Will you help me create a timeline?

Yes. Look No Further Entertainment can create a detailed timeline that flows from your pre-ceremony music until your last dance. All of our clients have access to a personalized online planner that they can access and make changes to at their convenience. Once all of that information is complete we can help you create a detailed action plan for the day.

What is the most important thing to know when it comes to choosing wedding entertainment? I think that people should interview more than one person and go with their instincts. Choosing entertainment is very much about being the right “fit” and you want to go with somebody who will represent you well musically. I think you can genuinely tell when somebody understands your musical vision and when that happens you should book them!

Should we provide our DJ with a table and linen?

For the reception space - yes please, provide a 6 foot table, a linen that matches your decor, and access to power within 50 feet.

How many hours are included in the package?

Four hours are included in The Essential and five hours are included in The Union and The Jam. Those hours start when the DJ's scope of work starts. We will arrive three hours before any performance to setup. It takes the DJ about an hour to break it down & that is all included in the listed price.

Can our DJ stay longer than the contracted hours?

Yes. As long as it's ok with the venue, your DJ can stay for as long as you would like. Additional time is billed at $250/hr and we can pro-rate that into 1/4 hours.

Should we provide food for our DJ?

Yes, please be prepared to provide two vendor meals for the DJ and the DJ assistant. They will be greatly appreciated!

Do you know our reception space and its acoustic, power, and amplification requirements? If not, will you check it out beforehand?

We have performed in most of the reception spaces in the Central Texas area and are very familiar with their sound needs and requirements. If we have not performed there before we will make a site visit to check it out.

What's your backup plan if there's an equipment malfunction?

Every DJ on our team travels with backup equipment & we are prepared for any equipment malfunctions. Since we always have two people onsite we can respond to an emergency like this in a flash.


How much is the deposit?

50% of the total. The remainder is due one week prior to the event. We accept cash, checks, credit cards, and Paypal.

Do you charge a transaction fee for credit cards?

For credit card transactions we charge a 3% convenience fee.

Are your services taxable?



How does Look No Further stand out against other Austin entertainment vendors?

What stands out about LNFE is our experience and our versatility. Every artist who performs for us spent years honing their craft in the highly competitive bar and nightclub industry. We have played for celebrity clientele, corporate clients, and one DJ has even had his skill sets take him around the world on tour. What we’ve learned through all of that experience is that every audience is unique and it takes a real professional with broad musical knowledge, charisma, and most of all passion in order to ignite a dance floor. Of course weddings and nightclubs are vastly different environments but the skill set it takes to read a crowd and make people dance is exactly the same. I think that as Austin continues to grow and become more diverse that we will be well prepared to serve those audiences. When it comes to entertainment I think that we’re the best in the industry.

How long have you been working in the industry and how did Look No Further Entertainment get started?

I’ve been working in the wedding industry since about 2009. I had been working as a DJ downtown for about 5 years at the time when I started attending quite a few weddings. Immediately, I noticed that a lot of the wedding entertainment out there was really out of touch & there wasn’t anybody catering to the private events market who could actually mix. I thought that my music loving hometown of Austin, TX deserved something much better and Look No Further Entertainment was born!

What is your favorite part of working with weddings?

Meeting and interacting with so many interesting and dynamic people that I would have never crossed paths with otherwise! One of the reasons that we’ve been so successful is because of the close relationships that we develop with our clientele and with other vendors. We’re all working together to achieve the perfect event and it takes a symphony of production to pull that off. It’s a blast working with so many artistic and creative people. Plus, I love the challenge of figuring out a crowd and the satisfaction I get from rocking a dance floor.