Look No Further Entertainment was founded by Ross Phillips in 2006. He is a University of Texas graduate with a deep passion for music and entertaining. Ross is a professional DJ with ten years of experience in and out of nightclubs in the Austin area. He is a regular on 101Xs Hypersonic Radio and can be found djing at a number of venues downtown including Beauty Bar, The Belmont, and J Blacks.

We have set out to create a comprehensive mobile entertainment solution for Austin, and the Central Texas area. We have combined our passions for sound, lights, and video to ensure that your event is nothing short of spectacular. Our company is composed of competent professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to properly service your most prized and valued celebrations.

Look No Further Entertainment has been a blessing and an opportunity for us to combine our shared passions into a business where we can work together and entertain other people. We hope for the chance to share our skills and experience in order to turn your biggest dreams into reality!

Keith Jones, DJ

Keith’s parents surrounded him with a wide variety of music like rock, funk, jazz and disco at an early age. There was always something playing on the home console stereo. With his interest peaked, he began collecting music at the age of 7.

Once in high school music took a new and exciting turn, it was the birth of hip-hop. Due to the popularity of this new music style Keith took up break dancing with his pals around the school lunchroom. After accomplishing his skills he and his “crew” decided to enter a contest at a local teen club. They perfected a routine over the course of a few weeks and won the top prize of an early Numark DJ mixer, the year was 1986.

Upon receiving their first DJ mixer Keith and his crew gathered every speaker and turntable they could find, as well as their parents precious vinyl records and created the first mobile DJ rig the area had ever seen. Once the parents got wind of this needless to say they were not happy to find out that they began “scratching” their records. Those days soon passed and in 1989 Keith got his first gig at Numbers Nightclub in Houston, running the light show on Wednesday nights. Two years later he moved to Austin and began working the back rooms of clubs like Basics, Back Street, Ohms and Proteus with a multimedia set up that incorporated DJ music, visuals and video clips. It was one of the first of its kind in Austin.

By the late 90’s Keith gained a DJ residency in the historical entertainment district known as 6th street, a full time position five nights a week. Although the DJ format of the Sixth St. venues was more mainstream, Keith’s passion for music gave him the ability to find success. Whether it was the after work crowd early in the night, or the college students later in the night, Keith used skills to drive the energy on the dance floor.

During this same time Keith began designing sound systems and light shows for the venues he resided in. To this date Keith has built over 15 sound and lighting systems in venues all around Austin. In 1999 Keith and Spiro’s Nightclub were awarded best New Bar and Best New Dance Club by the Austin Nightclub and Bar Association. In 2012 he and Roial nightclub @ 102 W. 5th Street won Mega-Club of the Year awarded by Nightclub and Bar Magazine, a nationally recognized periodical. To this day Keith continues to DJ weekly in Austin’s entertainment district while also performing fabulous events for Look No Further Entertainment!

Ric Almeda, DJ

Dj Rapid Ric went from releasing mixtapes himself in a small border town, to becoming the center of the Texas hip-hop community. The go-to guy if you wanted to get your stuff heard in the region, but also internationally. His vision was equal parts DJ, and ambassador. As soon as he could, he moved to
the center of Texas, Austin, and immersed himself in that scene.

Taking the popular greeting, used widely throughout the state, “Whut It Dew,” and branding each and every mixtape he would do with that moniker, Ric basically said hello to a much wider world than any Texas DJ before him. He formed partnerships with artists from across the state – most notably with
Chamillionaire (Ric is his official DJ), Z-Ro, Trae tha Truth, Killa Kyleon, Bun B, Chalie Boy, Paul Wall and more – and released mixtapes with each and every one of them that not only showcased the growing berth of Texas music, but also his strong DJ skills.

His skills and persistence quickly got him noticed, and once noticed he hit the road.

Ric has DJed highly successfulparties in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas,Chicago, London, Amsterdam,Oslo, Stockholm, Dubai, Toronto, Vancouver, India, Brazil and more. Giving out mixtapes everywhere he’d go.

Louis Brown, DJ

Louis’ drive for excellence when creating a musical atmosphere is attributed to his family’s Panama music roots, and his desire to connect with the crowd through their shared love of music.

Along with attending The Art Institute of Austin, Louis has played for eclectic crowds at various downtown Austin bars and clubs, luxury hotels, corporate events, and charity fundraisers in order to constantly improve his skills. During his career, Louis has learned that it’s important for him to stay in tune with the crowd to provide the best experience. “Every night is an adventure of its own; the energy and crowd will always be different, so the outcome and reactions will be as well. It’s a great challenge to encounter,” says Louis.

While he loves hearing that a music set was fantastic from the crowd or venue owner, Louis sees each chance to DJ as more than a party. Louis further explains, “music is a driving force in my life, and being able to share an organic experience with people as we momentarily escape our daily situations is a blessing.”