DJing for Katie Pavlica and her groom Cory was probably one of the most heartwarming DJ country-style wedding gigs I’ve had.  It was at Pecan Springs Ranch, and photographed by the very talented Al Gawlik Photography who supplied all of the images for this post.



Katie and her family were very genuine and reminded me of my small town roots, but her wedding exceeded big-city expectations



Katie and her family were very kind and were very accepting.  The fact that their performance DJ was switched in a kind of last-minute situation, had them a little worried at first.   You see she was booked with the owner of our company Ross,yet he himself was getting married abroad. He and his new bride Kristin we're taking 36 hour long flight travels to rare Pacific Islands for their wedding day.  So unfortunately, Ross was unable to perform his duties for Katie’s wedding day. Ross assured her that she was in good hands with me behind the decks.  He explained to her that I had over 20 years experience in professional DJ and that I would make sure her wedding would bemy top priority.



So coming into the event I knew it was going to awesome for two reasons. One, it was at Pecan Springs Ranch, so we knew Paige and the Pure. Love. Style crew would keep things organized and on point.   They are always making sure that our needs are met just as they do with any other vendor who was under their roof. The second reason I knew was going to be a big hit is because the moment I walked in, I see the bride - Katie holding a beer in your hand.  (Not champagne, not wine, not a bottle of Evian)  5 minutes after the ceremony, right before wedding pics, the Bride in her fancy white dress, was sipping on a Shiner like any other native Texan would on a hot summer.    In my business, you don't get to see many clients in an elegant dress have the chance to do common, down-to-earth things on that day.  Katie & Cory’s  family were the exception

Katie and Cory’s family and friends were a delightful group to DJ for that weekend.  Her entire family made me feel like I was at home in West Texas.  Their playlist included genuine slow and heartfelt country classics, with an array of new country hits that I hadn’t heard before.  They even had a great appreciation for the pop hits, wedding classics, and alot of 90’s throwback songs.  Great taste in Music y’all.

One of the most exciting moments of the evening was when Big Dog Pyro set off their confetti cannons toward the end of the night. They know how to end a party on a high note and I think the photos speak for themselves. If you want to add a little something different to your wedding  pyrotechnics are the way to go and Big Dog Pyro as got you covered!

Vendors:  Venue -  Pecan Springs Ranch   Wedding Planner: Paige Morgan -  Pure Love Style   Photographer: Amy Gawlik -  Al Gawlik Photography   Videographer -  New Road Productions   Caterer:  The Peached Tortilla  &  Poke-E-Joes BBQ   Bar:  Hello Trouble Hall   Dessert:  Hello SNO   Pyrotechnics:  Big Dog Pyro


Venue - Pecan Springs Ranch

Wedding Planner: Paige Morgan - Pure Love Style

Photographer: Amy Gawlik - Al Gawlik Photography

Videographer - New Road Productions

Caterer: The Peached Tortilla & Poke-E-Joes BBQ

Bar: Hello Trouble Hall

Dessert: Hello SNO

Pyrotechnics: Big Dog Pyro

Ross Phillips