Intercontinental Stephen F. Austin Wedding | Events by Decisions | Mill Photography

So I’ve been DJing for 20+ years, but I’ve only been doing weddings and private events for a handful of years.  However, I have come to conclusion that working with a cohesive team creates better outcomes, especially in private events.  I am so grateful that I was chosen to be part of an incredible team to create a memory for Avery & Kyle Miller’s friends and family.  

From the start, the couple was very direct and knew exactly what they wanted and didn’t struggle at all using our online song selecting tools.  They made song selections and crate organizing for this gig so easy.  At LNFE, we have 3 categories of music (Must Play, Play if Possible, and DO NOT PLAY.)  Avery and Kyle did their homework, and returned those lists to me filled out with about 20 songs per category.  I played songs that they selected at memorable times of the reception.  I avoided songs that they considered overplayed and annoying to create their ideal DJ set and thus their ideal dancefloor.

The other members of my awesome bridal team were directed by the super coordinator Tracy Collins of and her right hand girl Vanna Van Oss.  Both of them were very professional and their knowledge of events made it easy for us to work with.  The staff at the Intercontinental Stephen F. Austin were very kind and were led by Julie Stanfield who made sure all of my needs were met.  The food was great, the room well lit, the drinks and ambience were on point, but the stars of the team were the photographers who were able to document these moments.  

ATX Wedding DJ Dance Party Moves.jpg

The Mill Photography led by Tyler Schmitt and his gang captured the best moments of this glorious event and most of the photographs were available by the following week day.  That is lightning fast in the wedding photography world.  And the images were breathe-taking.  The lenses, lighting, and extra flashes that they set up throughout the rooms were totally worth it.  They can make anyone’s experience look like something out of a magazine, and that’s just what they did for Avery & Kyle.  

The Bride and groom chose professionals best suited for their wedding day expectations.  It was so easy for me to have synergy with all the vendors.  I was so happy we were all able to deliver.  Love my job, and the team you guys chose team made it easier, thanks Avery & Kyle.