Dancing Queen

In my humble opinion, the ‘best’ weddings occur when the bride dances the night away & dominates the dance floor. When the bride is footloose, her guests are sure to have a great time too. Case in point, Kelley + Mike.

Ever since we DJ’ed her wedding, Amy’s suggested us to many of her brides! This is how we met Kelley + Mike. Amy, from Al Gawlik Photography, is incredible behind the lens, and such a sweetheart that we LOVE the chance to work with her professionally too. She’s such a joy to work with and you will get stunning photographic results, so check them out below & at the bottom of this blog!

CLICK HERE to check out Amy’s AMAZING photography on her blog!

As an artist, I love color, so I’m usually not a fan of the softer shades, however Kelley + Mike pulled it off with their peachy accents which felt warm and welcoming at the Austin Club. For cocktail hour and dinner we played classic 60′s & 70′s as well as new Indie love songs. Guests found their table placement by years, as every table had photos of the Bride & Groom each from that year. I really liked this idea, making the table names easier for guests by using numbers, but personal with the baby and kid photos. Kelley’s bridal cake was a beautiful peach ombre simply decorated with one peony. Mike had an Aggie football helmet for his groom’s cake.

Although Ross & I are both Longhorns, we really enjoy hosting Aggie weddings because they really do know how to have a good time! Also, I can’t give all the credit to Kelley because Mike was definitely getting down on the dance floor.