Man this wedding was memorable. 

It’s not everyday that you get to DJ for a Superbowl Champion family or celebrities, but in the past we approach these like we do everyone of our events (famous or not). At first I thought this wedding was gonna be filled only with NFL & UT football stars (who were in attendance). However, the lovely bride, Sarah, had family from all over the country and the most beautiful thing about this experience was how both sides of the family and friends meshed on the dancefloor.

The reason the Browns' asked us to DJ their event, is because they said they wanted a club atmosphere at a formal event; and that is what we brought to them. Having the best of both worlds is made this night so much fun to DJ. Modern Hip Hop and trap was what the bride ad groom ordered after several traditional wedding song classics. After I broke the ice with some 70’s singalong and funk, we went right into The Weeknd & Future.


The couple chose San Jacinto ballroom & foyer at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Austin, TX to hae both the ceremony and reception. The weather was perfect for an outdoor ceremony since they chose it in April. Kelly Masten made sure she was helpful to all the folks.


Having a good quarterback on the team is crucial in a wedding with so many details, so I am glad that we had Katie Fingerhut from Pearl Events monitoring the schedule and to making sure we were meeting the client’s expectations. From the start, her emails were detailed and specific, and she was able to communicate professionally despite some situations. 
Vendors like Verbena Floral had the florals on every table as well as outside and made everything look amazing. Photography was handled by Anthology Photography . (Check the pics below, that’s them) The makeup was done by Caprice Makeup, and the awesome hair-dos were completed by Propaganda Hair Group .


So as I was saying this party was a great collaboration of ideas from key people selected by the bride and groom. One great idea they had, was if the bride’s brother (who plays guitar and sings) can do a cover of Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran. But not just by himself, with a defensive lineman from the Baltimore Ravens. That’s right a DL who can sing so well he can be a contestant on the Voice. 
With 2 wireless mics and help from our stagehands, we were able to make that dream not only possible, but a reality that we recorded an turned into an awesome streamable mp3 for the to enjoy. (The DL who I will remain nameless, also did a cover of Shai’s If I Fall In Love.) T
The dancefloor lighting they chose included 12 uplight wireless lights, a truss system with intelligent lighting, and our custom made performance dj booth.
Thanks for letting me DJ your wedding guys. See you on FB.