International Love

Dazzle met it’s definition when this tall, dark, and handsome Lebanese groom and his Texas belle were wed at the Four Seasons this past April. Luckily for us, besides just providing entertainment, we were guests at this wedding too. The groom, Karim, & Ross have been friends for over a decade now, so we knew what kind of style to expect, we just weren’t prepared to be THAT blown away!

First, at one of the most stunning ceremonies I’ve witnessed, alongside Town Lake under the trees, Rhianna + Karim exchanged lovely vows and performed the rose ceremony.

Among the night’s merrymaking were a Cigar roller, a belly dancer, and Rhianna + Karim even cut their cake with a sword! When Karim + Rhianna were first engaged, they asked for Photographer suggestions and we instantly knew that Arol, with AJH Photography , would be a perfect fit. The evidence speaks for itself, folks! These brilliant photos capture priceless moments throughout Karim + Rhi’s special day and night.

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